Energy sector

Deep water demineralization to prevent salt deposits on the heating surface is the main objective of water treatment on the thermal power plants. The existing chemical water treatment facilities usually use the ion exchange technology which has both undoubted advantages and disadvantages:

  • The formation of a large quantity of waste water;
  • A large quantities of mineral acids and alkalis consumption;
  • A low automation level.

Most of CHPs, GRESS power stations and other energy facilities were built more than 25 years ago, so it has led to the depreciation of chemical water treatment equipment which requires fixed costs for the repair and the maintenance. To solve these problems our company offers a wide range of services in modernization and reconstruction of the existing equipment using new modern cost- and resource-saving technologies of chemical water treatment:

  • Ultrafiltration;
  • Reverse osmosis;
  • Electrodeionization;
  • Membrane degassing;
  • Countercurrent ion exchange



Water treatment system reconstruction on Novocherkassk GRES power station

Our experience of creating and maintenance of water treatment facilities at the heat-and-power plants makes it possible to offer you the solution to any emerging problems while getting demineralized water, focusing on the economic component of the result. A large part of the realized projects has a payback period no more than 3 years.


Besides the reconstruction and modernization of the chemical water treatment facilities at the existing enterprises we also offer a creation of chemical water treatment for the new heat-and-power plants. All the creation, reconstruction and modernization work of the chemical water treatment systems can be done on a turnkey basis, including:

  • A preliminary facility survey;
  • Help in the feasibility study preparation;
  • Experimental tests;
  • Design documentation development;
  • Dismantling works;
  • The process equipment manufacturing and supply;
  • The process equipment installation;
  • Commissioning;
  • Preparation of documents and commissioning.


After commissioning our company does service and maintenance work of the installed equipment during the warranty and post-warranty period. Our company’s water treatment facilities are made in its own enterprise and meet the most modern trends of the industry development. The produced water treatment facilities are high-tech, cost-saving, safe and fully automated. They are:

  • Mechanical filtration facilities Aquaton series;
  • Ultrafiltration facilities UFC series;
  • Diverse osmosis facilities DVC-M series;
  • Electrodeionization facilities EDC-M series;
  • Cocurrent and countercurrent ion exchange facilities;
  • Block demineralazing facilities;
  • Autonomous demineralazing facilities.