Medicine and pharmaceuticals

Water treatment systems for medicine


SPC “Mediana-Filter” has been producing the membrane combined facilities based on diverse osmosis UVOI- “M-F” and the complex water treatment systems with the components of the world’s leading manufactures (Osmonics, Dow Chemical, Grundfos, Georg Fisher, John Guest, Burkert, etc.) for many years.


Water treatment facilities UVOI- “M-F” series are certified and registered by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (reg. license №29/18061000/1447-01). Chemical and bacteriological purity of treated water, low operating costs (minimal power consumption, water treatment systems compactness, lack of chemical plant) caused wide application of UVOI- “M-F” series facilities in the following areas:

  • Pharmaceutical and biotechnological production (Pharmacopeia’s article 42-2619-97 “purified water” and 42-2620-97 “water for injections”) meet the GMP requirements;
  • Water treatment for hemodialysis;
  • Water treatment for autoclaves, washers and other sterilization equipment;
  • Water treatment for biochemical analyzers, laboratory and analytical equipment;
  • Water treatment for reagents and diagnostic kits production.



Water treatment systems for high-purity water are completed with pre-treatment facilities. They are automated, self-regenerated softening, water deironing, carbon and sedimentary filters.


Our specialists choose the optimal scheme of pre-treatment by combination of different methods and technologies.


The main pipelines’ materials of circulation loop are:


For water for injections – stainless steel AISI 316 L (surface roughness Ra 0,4 – 0,8 µm) with the steam sterilization of the pipelines and constant water circulation at a temperature of 90° C (the enterprise uses the technology of the orbital welding of the pipe connections made of stainless steel).


For purified water – polymer materials PP (polypropylene) and PVDF (polivinildenftorid) with the possibility of chemical sterilization.


SPC “Mediana-Filter” develops and produces the complexes of water preparation, storage and distribution of relevant pharmacopeia’s articles “purified water” and “water for injections” taking into account Customer individual requirements for water consumption and quality, automation level and production area accommodation. We actively cooperate with the organizations that implement design and provide pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions.


In water treatment systems of SPC “Mediana-Filter” the following things are implemented:

  • Module construction of water treatment facilities with the possibility of modernization and increasing productivity.
  • High quality and water treatment equipment reliability standards
  • Easy to manage and maintain water treatment systems
  • Components and consumables are available in a warehouse in Moscow


These are the reasons of having hundreds of medical companies and institutions among our clients.


Cooperation with our company will provide you with:

  • Individual approach to a project using the opportunities of the existing equipment
  • Service and consumables supply for water treatment facilities.
  • Constant technical support
  • Competitive price
  • Flexible payment system


Water treatment for pharmaceuticals


To meet modern trends in the pharmaceutical industry as well as the standards and requirements, set for production of medicines not only in Russia but in the whole world, each manufacture tries to organize own manufacture based on the innovative technologies and equipment application.

SPC “Mediana-Filter” offers the complex solutions for design, production, supply, installation and commissioning of water treatment systems, reactor and capacitive equipment, quality test, process monitoring and automation, audit and validation.


Our equipment is certified and has the registration of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (product licenses № 29/18061000/1447-01 of 09.01.2001 and № FSR 2007/01282 of 26.11.2007). It is produced in accordance with  the modern requirements of the due process (ISO 9000) and meets the pharmacopeia’s requirements (Russian, European, American, Japanese, etc.). We guarantee compliance of our technologies and services, equipment, staff qualification with the modern standards of GMP, ISPE, EMeA, USP, EP, JP, etc.


Our company produces and supplies (based on the received experience and own design protected by the patents of the Russian Federation):

  • Complex water treatment systems
  • Water pre-treatment systems “Aquaton” series based on the automated filters of the mechanical cleaning, iron and manganese disposal, softening, dechlorination of water
  • One- and two-step diverse osmosis facilities
  • Electrodeionization facilities
  • Multicolumn distillation facilities for water for injections production and pure steam generators.


Reactor and capacitive equipment


We can offer you decisions and technologies connected with supply, installation and commissioning of the reactor and capacitive equipment made of stainless steel of the different brands applied in pharmaceutical practice: ASTM 316L, 904L, etc.



Systems of water storage and distribution for pharmaceutical uses


The most important objective of any water treatment system is not only appropriate quality water production but also proving its proper storage and distribution to consumers without change of physico-chemical and microbiological indicators including lack of pyrogenicity (for water for injections). We can also offer you low-cost systems of water storage and distribution made of polymeric materials with the chemical treatment possibility as well as the systems made of high-quality stainless steel 316L brand with the possibility of pure steam sterilization.



Technology of the seamless butt welding for the polymeric materials


During the installation of the pipelines made of the polymeric materials we use equipment for seamless BCF-welding which let us get a smooth and thin welding seam and reduction of the inner diameter with the rough surface in the welding zone (identical roughness of the welded details). That’s not all! The welding process occurs in the automatic mode with the minimum operator’s involvement; the repeatability of the welding joints parameters is provided as well as welding process recording (electronic and print forms).



Technology of the orbital welding of stainless steel by AISI 316L 1.4404/1.4435 in the environment of inert gas


The orbital welding of stainless steel has long been considering as the classic of the installation. But it is not as simple as it sounds. Apart from the orbital welding equipment (Arc Machine Orbimatic, Olympus endoscope), welding head, special insert for welding of the different diameters pipes, high-purity argon, support and consumable materials, analysis and control instrumentation, the most important factor and the key to success is a Human, his capabilities, knowledge, intelligence and skills. We are proud to have professionals only and we guarantee the quality of each welding seam!



In the list of our equipment costumers are hundreds of Russian and foreign medical and pharmaceutical institutionals.