Chemical and external chemical industry

Water treatment for the petrochemical industry

According to the Ministry of Industry and Science the chemical and petrochemical industries will be one of the leading industries in the Russian Federation in the next 4 years. It is no coincidence that the questions about the development of Russian petrochemical industry and implementation of new equipment (including water treatment for the technological processes of oil production and refining) are priority.

In refineries water is used for production, household and drinking and fire-prevention purposes, for example:

  • Products’ cooling and condensation;
  • Cooling of equipment;
  • Preparation of solutions;
  • Replenishment of waste-heat boilers and steam formation.


Considering the fact that water is a direct process agent in the oil-refining processes, cutting off water supply causes process failure. All the water supply systems of the refineries must be reliable and provide consumers with enough uninterrupted water supply of the required quality. The basic system which provides industrial water consumption is a water recycling system including water supply for the cooling of equipment, communication, cooling towers and oil separators.


Stratal water treatment (or rather water treatment in the oil-refining and extractive industries) is another equally important aspect.


To solve all these problems SPC “Mediana-Filter” offers design and a turnkey creation of water treatment systems with reliable, automated and high-tech equipment:

  • Diverse osmosis DVC-M facilities (blocks with capacity to 100 m3/h);
  • Ultrafiltration UFC facilities (blocks with capacity to 120 m3/h);
  • Ion exchange facilities for water treatment, including based on the countercurrent technology (e. g. UPCORE improves quality of treated water while a simultaneous reducing of a number of reagent for regeneration and formed run-off);
  • Carbonizers;
  • Mechanical filtration, deironing and dechlorination stations;
  • Filter presses.