Service and warranty

A quality service is the key to a stable and reliable work of your water treatment system.

Modern high-tech water treatment systems need a periodic maintenance.

Quality of water in your home or office and, therefore, your safety and comfort depends on a stable system work.


A high water quality is also a guarantee of working reliability and durability of the set technological equipment (water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, etc.). A customer can easily replace the cartridge or add to the system the reagents without any help. But there are some kinds of work which you should let qualified service technicians do.


VIT offers you two variants of service:


To make a one-time technician call

You can call a service-specialist for one-time preventive work and troubleshooting.


A service contract

You can conclude a service contract with our company for a guaranteed working reliability of the water treatment system.


Advantages of a service contract:

  • Convenience!

You don’t need to waste your time on the constant concern about complex high-tech equipment. “VIT” Company will regularly and timely provide maintenance and necessary supplies.

  • Saving!

Timely prevention prolongs the service life of water treatment systems and saves your money as the system works much longer.

  • Emergency technical support!

In case of sudden technical problems the team of experts will arrive in no time.



We also conclude the service contracts of water treatment systems of other companies.


The “VIT” company service is

  • A quick and effective technical support;
  • A high qualification of the service group specialists;
  • Any components are available in the warehouse;
  • An excellent quality of work.


Warranty service

The warranty period on the completed installation work and water treatment facilities by “VIT” Company is 1 year.

The warranty applies to all manufacturing and design defects.